Welcome to SoilMicroNZ!

This website was setup to highlight soil microbiology research being conducted by New Zealand scientists.  In buiding this site, we hope to communicate our results and knowlege of the biology, ecology and functioning of soils.  

Our focus

Much of our soil microbiology research is focused on agricultural systems, particularly those under pastoral land use.  With this applied research, we aim to understand and manage soil microbiology in order to increase the sustainability and productivity of New Zealand’s agricultural systems.  In particular, our research investigates the microbiology underpinning a range of key functions or processes within agricultural soils.  These include:

  • Biogeochemical cycling of plant nutrients
  • Microbial processes associated with greenhouse gas formation
  • Control of microbial and invertebrate pests of plants
  • Plant-microbial symbiosis 

Our work also investigates the impacts of land use change, agricultural management practices and other 'disturbances' on the biology and functioning of soils.  

At a more fundamental level, we carry out research aimed at:

  • understanding the natural diversity of life in New Zealand’s soils
  • soil and environmental drivers of community diversity, structure and function
  • biogeographical dispersion of microbial life in soils
  • processes controlling the stability of soil ecosystems (resilience and resistance)

We are currently building this website - please check back as we upload more information about our work.  Alternatively, keep up to date with progress via Twitter

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